Electronic Digital Totalizer

The Electronic Digital Totalizer is a powerful flow computer, designed to meet the requirements of all types of fluid metering installations. Electronic Digital Totalizer is designed for refuellers, tank trucks, marine and process batching applications. The Electronic Digital Totalizer comes in two enclosures, first Standard Explosion proof enclosure for all hazardous area and second non-exproof (weatherproof) version.


  • Self-diagnostic
  • Meter error curve linearization
  • Alphanumeric 20 x 2 back-lit LCD display
  • Tamper-proof and sealed calibration facility and approved by Weights & Measures department
  • Accepts all types of interlocks for fail-safe operation
  • Can be used with any make of flow meters and pulse generators
  • RS-232 / RS-485 connectivity
  • Flameproof enclosure for hazardous area application approved by PESO
  • Weatherproof to IP-65


Electronic Digital Totalizer realizes a self-test at start-up, and also periodically during operation, to ensure connectivity with external devices and systems.

The Electronic Digital Totalizer can be programmed for a predetermined product quantity to be loaded prior to a delivery or as a Start / Stop system where unspecified product quantity can be delivered. In both the options, relay options are provided to control pumps and tank valves. Product delivery is started only after proper functioning of all the interlocks. The delivery commences with gradual opening of the set stop valve controlled by the Electronic Digital Totalizer. Loading operation parameters like batch quantity, flow rate can be seen on the display.

During product delivery, Electronic Digital Totalizer constantly monitors the meter flow rate and linearizes the meter accuracy curve to give unmatched metering accuracy.

As Electronic Digital Totalizer is designed for truck application, special features like low frequency / voltage functioning, vibration dampening, ticket printing as per customer requirement.

In the case of sudden power failure during product delivery, all the process data is stored into the EEPROM memory of the equipment.