Pulse Transmitter

Solid state Pulse Transmitter provides fast & accurate signaling for remote indication, totalizing & data monitoring systems. It is mounted directly on Flow Meter output shaft.


  • Flameproof enclosure
  • High resolution of 100 pulses per revolution
  • Two separate Pulse Trains
  • 90 Degree Phase shift between dual Pulse O/P
  • Level “A” Pulse security as per IP 252 & API Chapter 5
  • Uses Eltomatic, Denmark make Encoder (CE marked, IP65/NEMA4 certified)
  • Very low power requirement


The unit consists of a precisely slotted disc, rotating through a solid state optical switch, which houses an infrared light source and a light sensitive diode. The optical switch detects the passage of the slots on the disc, as the input shaft rotates and translates them with the help of an in-built electronic circuit, into positive square wave output pulses. One revolution of the input shaft produces 100 pulses at the output.


  • Operating remote electronic counters to indicate flow meter throughput
  • Operating preset counters to control preset quantities through the flow meter
  • Operating flow recording and flow rate indicating instruments
  • Data acquisition systems