Strainers cum Air Eliminator

The combination Strainer cum Air Eliminator ensures removal of solid impurities, air or vapour from the liquid before it enters the Flow Meter. It is an essential accessory for trouble free & accurate Flow Meter operation.


  • Low pressure drop due to large filter element area
  • Easy filter element removal for maintenance
  • High venting capacity air eliminator


The Strainer cum Air Eliminator is fitted on P.D.Flowmeter inlet side. The strainer consists of a fabricated body, having a horizontal offset between the inlet and outlet flanges. The wire mesh filter element is positively clamped by the end cover. A drain plug is provided to facilitate servicing. Liquid impurities get filtered on passing through the filter element and clean liquid flows through the flow meter. For new installations, it is advisable to first thoroughly flush lines before installing the flow meter. Periodic strainer basket inspection and cleaning is necessary to prolong the life of the flow meter.

The air eliminator is mounted along side the strainer body. It consists of a stainless steel float connected to a pilot valve via multiple linkages. When air collects in the air eliminator, the buoyant force acting on the float reduces, the float drops down along with the pilot valve connected to the linkage and the air escapes through the main valve. As liquid rises in the air eliminator, the float rises to lift the pilot valve, thereby closing the air release opening of main valve.